A new space for communications and marketing in CQ

A new space for communications and public relations services has been launched in Central Queensland.

PR Space, the creation of experienced communications specialist Nicole Dendle, services medium business or companies looking for external support to communicate effectively with their stakeholders.

Ms Dendle said that in an era where the world is switched onto communications almost every minute of the day, it is essential that an organisation's communication and marketing is planned, targeted and engaging.

"PR Space provides organisations with an opportunity to outsource an essential element of their business; an element that sometimes gets relegated to lower on the priority list when other essential business services need their attention," Ms Dendle said.

PR Space’s primary services include content creation and writing for media releases, newsletters or marketing documents; and also includes the development of communications strategy or management of communications projects, including corporate rebranding, annual report development and website upgrades.

Ms Dendle has a long and varied communications career, working both in-house and as a consultant across politics, research, urban development, natural resource management and education, to name a few.

“Above all I would describe myself as a writer, closely followed by a communications strategist, so if there are companies who just don’t have the time to promote their work or establish their presence with key stakeholders, PR Space can support them with this essential element of business,” Ms Dendle said.

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